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Summer Stress is Here!

Almost as if Mother Nature flipped a switch, summer weather has set in & the hot, muggy conditions seem to be the norm. We have begun to see localized dry spots in the lawn as the temperature has risen and the rainfall has become more scattered. Summer stress is often a combination of multiple stresses. Localized drought, ponding of water, diseases, insect pests, poor culture (mowing, fertilization, and irrigation) and other stresses combined with high temperature stress can challenge the health and persistence of cool season turfs from now through the end of summer. It is important to avoid situations that compound too many stresses at the same time.

What can we do?

When both daytime and nighttime temperatures are high(>80° and >70° respectively), grass plants will stop producing roots; there can be some root dieback in extreme conditions.  Thus, we want you to raise mower decks to 4+ inches.  The longer grass blade will shade or protect vulnerable plant crowns and the lawn will hold its color longer in the heat.… Continue reading